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Welcome to Yoshio Nakajima's website.
Here you can find the all the latest in what is going on in Yoshio's world of art. In the video gallery you can see the latest videos with Yoshio. Check out the video gallery with lots of events videos...

Latest News - Latest News!.

Yoshio Nakajima Exhibition Program 2015.
Yoshio Nakajima Exhibition, 11 jan. - 25 jan. 2015

Yoshio Naakajima Art 2015, Kunstrundan Raustenkärlsfabrik, 03 apr. - 12 apr. 2015
Raus stenkärlsfabrik och konsthall Facebook sida

Galleri Echo Ann, Ginza, Tokyo, Japan (14-21. May 2015)

Rausstenkärlsfabrik, Helsingborg, Sweden (1-24. Aug. 2015)

Galleri DGV, Svendborg, 29 aug. - okt. 2015

Affordable art fair: Fiskhamnen Stockholm, Sweden (1-4. Oct. 2015)

University of California, Los Angeles, (Nov. 2015)

Royal Academy of Fine Art, Antwerpen Beligien (Nov. 2015)

Yoshio Nakajima Exhibition Program 2016.
Marue Art Galleri, Nagoya (10-16. Feb. 2016)

Konstrunda Rausstenkärlsfabrik, Helsingborg, Sweden (25. Mars -3. Apr. 2016)

Dronninglund Kunstcenter, Denmark (10. Apr.-29. May 2016)

Det Lille Galleri, Fredericia, Denmark (Sep. 2016)

More videos have been added to the video gallery, videos from the past like, "Lyrikexpressen". Check it out today, a blast from the past in the Video Gallery.

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Buying art?
Should you be interested in buying Yoshio's art, you are always welcome to contact Anders Nakajima for details, see our contact information.